Wow Dungeon Leveling Guide

There are various different strategies and methods for power leveling in World of Warcraft. It use to be that completing quests efficiently as possible was the best method for buy safe wow gold classic leveling fast. However since the inclusion of the Dungeon Finder Tool with the Wrath of the Lich King extension, Dungeon leveling is without doubt the most effective method for power leveling.

The XP that’s gained from Dungeon quests is roughly twice that of solo quests making Dungeons the fastest way to level in WoW.

Dungeon Leveling = More XP Earned per Hour!

One distinct advantage of Dungeon Leveling is that there’s no huge distances to cover between zones when traveling between quests as there is with solo quests. Since the inclusion of the Dungeon Finder Tool, finding dungeons and groups got a whole lot easier and the Dungeon Finder Tool will literally guide you right to the Dungeon, no matter what zone you’re currently playing in!

Some of the classes that have weak armor such as cloth will also benefit greatly from Dungeons as they will spend less time resurrecting after defeat as Dungeon quests operate in groups and will have some heavy hitters in there to take the brunt of the attacks.

Healing classes also benefit greatly from Dungeons compared to solo quests as it is a lot easier to level their Healing spec instead of DPS. Dungeons allow for Healing classes to level up solely as a Healing class, which will allow for much more time to hone and master their Healing abilities for Healing large groups.

Dungeon Leveling = More Fun & Social Interaction!

It goes without saying that World of Warcraft is hugely addictive:) However, when you throw Dungeons into the mix, things really get interesting. Leveling in Dungeons as opposed to solo quests will give players the chance to experience some of the older dungeons that tally with the Classic WoW and the Burning Crusade, which can often be overlooked and well worth exploring for another added extra to the game.

This not only brings new challenges for some of the more experienced players who have progressed through much of the game but is also a great way for introducing some of the newer players. Not only that but solo questing means your playing alone a majority of the time whereas Dungeons require group efforts and bring a new dimension to the game that’s both fun and sociable and a great way to interact with other WoW enthusiasts and build alliances.

Dungeon Leveling = More Gold!

World of Warcrafts own currency… GOLD. As rewarding as Dungeons are for both fun and XP as well as some cool rewards, that wouldn’t be enough to solely rely on dungeons for leveling without the accumulation of gold and lots of it!

¬†will open up new avenues for making gold in the form of auction house! One of the easiest methods for acquiring gold in Dungeons is to “disenchant” any of the items you get in dungeons that are of no use to your character.

Note: The “disenchant” feature will only be made available to players who have an “enchanter” working with you in your group.

Certain players who have chosen to acquire the enchanting profession possess the ability to disenchant magical items. Not only that but when an enchanter is present in a group this ability is made available for all players that are active within that group.

If you perform a group task and a group member unlocks a loot that is unique, magical, or rare then each group member will be asked what they want to do with the looted item. If the item is of use to your character then simply select “need” and the item will be added to your collection.

If however an enchanter is present within your group then there will also be a “disenchant” option available. If the particular item is of no use to your character then you will want to select the disenchant option. Once this step has been completed you can then sell the disenchant items on at the auction house and rake in some precious gold!

If you have yet to try dungeon leveling, then you really do owe it to yourself to give it a shot. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll start power leveling your way through the game!