The Nintendo Wii system set a whole new standard of realistic enjoyment in a game console. This is particularly true when it comes to Wii guns. The ability to use the controller csgo case opening sites to simulate holding an actual target shooting gun is frankly freaking amazing.

The old Nintendo shooting games are nothing like today’s system, The light gun that uses to come with these games was a flimsy feeling plastic thing that wasn not all that much different that the plastic pistols given out as favors at a five year old’s cowboy party really lame.

The new Wii gun is a shell that holds the controller and this combo really feels like a target gun. The slightest hand movements can blow your shot right out of the water. The new shooting games are meant to challenge and are not your mother’s shoot the duckie arcade junk.

The guns are hands down the coolest Wii accessories because there a bunch to choose from and the shells for the shotguns and rifles look like the real deal. These guns are used for hunting games that are put out not by just game companies but real life hunting outfitters like Cabella’s. Instead of doing the same old arcade type shoot, the hunting games give the vibe of being out in the woods chasing game.

For the Dirty Harry in everybody Wii even has a magnum, the ultimate big boy in the handgun field. One of these bad boys in your hand changes the whole field when it comes to most any shooting game.

There are Wii gun games to meet any gamer’s fantasy. The popular faves like Resident Evil and World at War are there but there are also the military and hunting games for those who want their shooting to be a little more realistic. No matter what type of enemy you are after, alien, street thug, foreign army or something paranormal there is a cool Wii gun to do the job. You will definitely not get tired of the shooting games since you can change up all of the time and get rid of a lot of built up resentments too.