Christian soaking is the relaxing of the mind and body, while listening to soaking prayer music, to become a vessel completely open for God to pour into and through. Soaking allows you to focus on nothing but God and draw close to Him. A great benefit مواقيت الصلاة فى المنامة to soaking prayer music is the ability for the music to connect with your soul in a way words cannot.

Soaking prayer doesn’t come with many restrictions or even suggestions because it is different for each believer. Soaking can last for five minutes to five hours; however, it is recommended to spend significant quality time soaking for the full effects. Another great soaking recommendation is to soak with people you know and trust as soaking can bring issues to the surface you might not have been aware of before. Whether you prefer to lie down, sit, or stand while soaking, it doesn’t matter as long as the focus is on Jesus.

Soaking can be done both alone and with others; however, soaking prayer allows for you to have your own personal communion with God. Soaking is the easiest when in a quiet surrounding with the intent to be still and get to know God for who He is on a personal level. A great addition to your soaking time is soaking music. As soaking music is a fairly new Christian genre, there are some artists who have records specifically for your soaking prayer time. Most of the albums are instrumental with an occasional lyric creating a peaceful atmosphere for those in prayer.