Systems are used to control a situation. A pension system is designed to control the pension payments, a points drivers license system is used to control traffic and safety. The idea behind the points is that drivers that are recurrently causing accidents are punished with a loss of their drivers license. Such a (memory) Buy Driver License mechanism has been introduced in Spain recently but it is unknown what the effect on traffic and safety has been up to now.
What does have become visible is the effect on escape routes with the introduction of the points system.

Any system is prone to evasion and escape routes. The tax system is one of the most apparent examples of this fact. People study on legal and illegal ways to avoid excessive tax contributions. But the introduction of other systems will also lead to the same behavior; when people are confronted to a conflict they search for an (easy) way out.

The introduction of the points system for drivers license in Spain has lead to a number of escape routes. One is the trade of points. This is possible where your infringement is caught by a camera and someone else is prepared to stand in for your trail. This fraud is only possible if the driver is not identified. The fraud percentage of this type of escape is not known, but is probably of minor importance.

But there is another way that is much more difficult to control; the solution to buy an international drivers license. These licenses are traded in Spain but are issued outside the country. On the black market these cost up to 600 euros. You pay “forty euros more if you do not possess a foreign national driver’s license.”

This is probably why many people resists the introduction of such systems, because they are fraud sensitive. But then we shouldn’t forget the numbers. There are on average two to five percent foreigners in Spain. Yet in the south – La Costa del Sol – This percentage is much higher, Anyhow… we’ll have to wait for a first evaluation of this points system in Spain.