Network marketing online gets bigger and more popular every day. I think the main reason the new network marketer is attracted to it is because they think they don’t have to deal with rejection. That is true to some extent but not completely. I’ll explain what I mean.

Before the internet there just was not much choice for a new network marketer but to chase their friends and family and use the so-called “3 foot rule”. You know, virtually molest strangers standing in line at the supermarket, post office or even the restroom line at a game or concert.

Now, that is what you were told to do by your company and your upline but, except for the very brazen, salesy type person, how many people actually did that? I would bet not many. That is just not in people to do. They are either too shy, too nice or even just plain old scared to death.

Network Marketing Online – Here to Save the Day?

When the internet came along new and struggling marketers were thinking “wow, I can just hide behind my computer and not have to deal with rejection face to face”.

I have some good news and I have some bad news. First the bad news (sort of), network marketing is a people business. Although network marketing online is much more efficient you still have to build relationships with people. Relationships are the glue that holds mlm companies together.

The good news is that you can “talk” to a lot more people and you don’t have to talk to the guy who spends all of his spare time watching reruns of Gilligan’s Island and cartoons.

Network Marketing Online – Shout or Use Tools?

The difference between network marketing online and prospecting offline is like the difference between a politician reaching his or her constituents in 1789 and 2011.

Obviously, in the early days of America, for instance, a politician could only speak to however many people were within speaking or shouting range. They could write a letter but that would take days or even weeks to reach people.

Now you can speak to the whole world at one time, or at least, through one event. You can get your message in front of a whole lot more people which gives you a better chance of finding the people who are looking for the opportunity that you have in your hot little hands.

Network Marketing Online – The Difference is in the Numbers

Let me ask you a question; If you wanted to find a new friend, someone with whom the conversation flowed like water and you just liked almost all of the same things, which situation do you think would give you a better chance of doing that?

Would you have the best chances with the neighborhood you live in, the stores you go to, your immediate living area? Or would you have a better shot with say, millions or tens of millions of people?

I do apologize for using such a simple example but what I’m getting at is you have a much better chance of finding people who are like you with a larger number of people. It really is all in the numbers.

Network Marketing Online – Attract the New Network Marketer

Right, you say, how am I supposed to attract a new network marketer when that is exactly what I am? First, you become a student. You become just the person that a new person is looking for to show them how to get where they want to be.

After you have learned to get a domain name, put up a website, and write messages for, or even better, get your autoresponder with the messages already written, you look like an expert to people who are just coming online. You don’t really have to be completely versed in network marketing online to be attractive to a new network marketer.