Network marketing has proved to be a business model that has been utilized by the internet, even with people who would not normally get into the industry 10 years ago, who would now consider it as a easy entry into the freedom of home based business and internet marketing lead generation.

Network marketers have proven themselves for years as being one of only a handful of direct sales professions that get paid on work done even as far back as 25 years ago that reps are still getting paid for the work they have done early on in the careers.

It is the only business model that allows you to network part time and get paid on residual commissions that are unlimited!

There seem to be many options that are rapidly changing in this profession online.

What one wants to do in network marketing online as a major objective is to fund their business in a low cost way that adds profits to the funded proposal.

If you are combining the best tested methods of both worlds, you give yourself not only maximum leverage, but maximum branding ability.

There is often a major difference that is overlooked when pointing out the difference between offline and online network marketing. That is that traditional offline marketers brand their companies. Newer online marketers brand themselves solely.

For example, many people in my area of the world, promote with their vehicles, their company ad on their back windshield. This may include a phone number an/or website of the distributor. This is how people in the old model market to people, proving to be ineffectual in capturing any information, data research, or marketing analytics in their business model.

Ideally you would want to utilize a system that puts you in the drivers seat with real time analyzing of this traffic to your website that is not replicated by your company. This does not mean that it will be complicated to set up, but will mean there will be greater chance for duplication of your efforts that can be passed down to your team for greatest leverage in the system(s) I have specified training for accomplishing this with my online network marketing training.

The difference in this approach has helped many net workers to build a solid business model that includes affiliate income streams, list building with highly targeted prospects, and affordable or free training for the network marketing online industry.

The biggest advantage in this is that you are not at the mercy of your company for your main income source.

If for some reason your company fails or you are not receiving help from your upline in a changing economic time, then you are in for challenges once your residual income loses its amount due to attrition, or lack of retention which is a common problem in network marketing online or offline.