A WordPress site can be used to perform online marketing by creating product reviews, technology discussions, and information interchange. Since money can be involved Hide WP n this endeavor, it makes a WordPress site vulnerable to any form of a threat that may cause it to fail.

To protect your source of income and provide you a smooth use of WordPress, listed below is the top WordPress security plug-ins that must be deployed in your website.


Akismet stands for Automatic Kismet. It is a plug-in that protects your website from people who wants to sabotage it by posting spam comments. It does this by:

  • Trying to sift through the comments in your website and flagging possible spam through identified repetitive chunks of texts or unrelated comments
  • Determining spam by monitoring link backs to prevent ineffective automatic pings

Akismet was launched in the year 2005 and since then it has been very effective in guarding blog sites against spammers. During its conception, Akismet was made as an add-on program but because of its effectivity, it has been considered to become a built-in tool for WordPress.

WordPress DB Backup

In any endeavor where software and softcopy of data is highly involved, performing a regular backup is essential. WordPress DB Backup is a tool that you can use to automatically perform a database backup on the scheduled date. Most bloggers take creating a backup for granted until they experience a major crisis when their database crashes and data become irrecoverable.

Aside from ensuring that your WordPress information is securely kept, use of WordPress DB Backup allows you to import your websites from one host to another. WordPress DB Backup can help you restore your website to its current state without the need for reconstructing it from null.

WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache will make your WordPress work swiftly. WP Super Cache caches your WordPress website through a creation of static html files. This permits a quicker response of WordPress to deliver your content. If you are a wise blogger then you should know by now what are your lucky 7 in terms of use in WordPress. You can be sure to continue a smooth-sailing WordPress journey if you have these 7 plug-ins your WordPress website.

WP Security Scan

WP Security Scan will make your WordPress site safe. WP Security Scan protects your WordPress website from threats that comes from external sources. It specifically provides these security checks as well as offers corrective actions:

  • Password strength
  • File access
  • Database permission
  • Hiding WordPress version
  • WordPress admin protection