Bras are sized in two dimensions called the band and the cup.  A bra that is labeled as a 36D has bh größentabelle a band size of 36 inches and a cup size of D.  But what does this mean to you? 

There is considerable variation in women’s breast volume, shape, size and spacing. A woman’s breast volume may be more at the bottom, sides or top, and this will affect the size actually needed. Bra sizes are merely a way of standardizing these factors for a “close” fit, which are not necessarily the correct fit. Bras typically have adjustable hooks which permit minor adjustments to a bra’s fit.

It doesn’t help that difference countries have different systems of measurement with european countries choosing to measure in centimeters where as England and America choose inches.

So how do you determine the correct bra size for you?

Firstly you should find a good material tape measure and remove all clothing.  The first measurement you need to establish is your band size – which is your ribcage measurement and you should place the tape measure just below your bust and read the number of inches to the nearest inch.  So if it measures just over 30 call it 30 but if its closer to 31 then call it 31 inches.  If you are measuring in centimeters you should round the number to the nearest 5cm.

If your measurement was an odd number then add 5 inches to your original measurement. If it was even then add 4 inches.  So if your original measurement was 25 this makes your band size 30 inches or if your original measurement was 28 then this makes your band size 34 inches.

Secondly you need to measure around the fullest part of your bust in the same way.  Keep the tape measure firm but not too tight to get an accurate reading.  Stand straight with your arms by your side for an accurate measurement – it may help to have someone else help you for this bit.

Tee difference between the two measurements is then used to calculate the cup size.  If the difference is less then 1 inch you are an AA cup, 1 inch difference would make an A cup, 2 inches difference would make a B cup and so on up to 15 inches difference which would make you a K cup.  Its worth noting that some bra manufacturers do not follow the standard sizing and call what should be an E cup a DDD cup, but most stick the the agreed standards.

Cup size is not standard across band sizes as it is a relative measurement.  So a 34B is not the same cup size as a 38B but a 38AA.  The general rule is the volume of a bra is the same if you go up a band size and down a cup size or down a band size and up a cup size.

This is the mistake most people make when choosing bras as they go for too small a cup size and too large a band size.  Which will not support you properly nor will it make you look your best.  If you have larger breasts and your always wearing the wrong size then this can lead to medical issues as you age so its definitely worth taking the time to measure yourself correctly.