Along with other liberals, President Obama believes that more stringent gun laws will make it more difficult for criminals to obtain guns. Although banning guns does make australia gun store it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to own firearms, their beliefs just ignore reality: Criminals don’t get their guns by following the law.

Let’s explore some of the more common misunderstandings held by gun ban advocates.

Gun Bans would Stop Criminals obtaining Guns

Liberals seem to believe that yet more gun bans will eliminate the guns possessed by criminals and deranged individuals? But is any law 100% effective?

Yet more laws to tighten access to firearms will make it more difficult to obtain guns legally. Yes indeed, but only for law-abiding citizens wishing to defend themselves. There are so many firearms in circulation, such restrictions would be nothing more than a minor deterrence to criminals who neither obey the law nor obtain guns legally.

The evidence from Australia and Britain shows virtually complete gun bans are failures. How can they succeed in America with far wider gun ownership?

Gun-free Zones ensure no one has guns

This is just wishful thinking. They do ensure no one has guns legally. but that’s not the point.

Some responsible citizens will decide to ignore further gun bans. Since these laws ignore the Second Amendment, law-abiding citizens will make their own decisions, encouraging more disrespect for the law.

All massacres of four or more students have taken place in supposedly gun-free zones. How come? Because then responsible people don’t have guns to stop the spree shooter. Again, criminals don’t obey the law, and nor do the mentally disturbed.

Teachers can’t be Trusted with Guns

What if teachers have firearms, and one goes mad and starts a shooting spree? But you need to recognize this can happen whether or not there are further gun bans, which means such fears are irrelevant.

You trust teachers to educate your children, why would you not also trust teachers to protect your children. You trust the police with guns to protect your children, are the police so much more trust-worthy than teachers? To ask the question with an open-mind will bring the obvious answer

Ensuring sane, responsible teachers are not armed when a mentally disturbed person starts shooting just stops them defending their students and themselves. Only a gun stops a spree shooter.

Knowledgeable Experts Know Better

There are experts in every field. But for every expert, there’s another with an opposing view. Wisdom suggests you develop the rare skill to determine which expert to listen to, and which to ignore.

But who are knowledgeable firearms experts? President Obama, who says he shoots skeet guns “all the time?” Piers Morgan, who had never fired a gun until recently? Or Larry Correia, Title 7 SOT gun store owner, Utah Concealed Weapons instructor, military and law enforcement master trainer, competition shooter, expert witness for the Utah State Legislature, elite firearms expert.

Naive belief in the opinions of others is well… naive. Rather examine the evidence and make up your own mind. Overcome the bias taught by a government education and learn to examine the evidence for yourself.

No matter how overwhelming the factual evidence, many so-called experts will only agree with something which supports their existing opinion. They’ve already made up their mind, and changing it would mean admitting they were wrong.

Since the self-sabotage mechanism is vehemently against any such admission, it takes a very aware individual to admit to mistakes. As Dr. David Hawkins, author of Truth vs Falsehood, explains:

The narcissistic core of the ego is aligned with being “right,” whether being “right’ means being in agreement with wisdom or rejecting it as invalid.

Do Wise Politicians Know Better?

Absolutely not! The 1986 Nobel Economics Prize was awarded to the late Dr. James Buchanan for Public Choice analysis, which proves that politicians and bureaucrats behave just as selfishly as regular citizens.

Rather than changing overnight to become selfless guardians of the public interest, both politicians and government employees simply continue their self-serving behavior.

Politicians all fight tenaciously to be re-elected. Why? What other reason can it be but to keep pursuing their own best interests? Since they use their power to benefit themselves, the power they enjoy needs to be drastically curtailed. The US Constitution is an initial but flawed attempt to ensure this.

When someone holds an obviously illogical position, ask yourself: How do they benefit? Where is the money? Have they been awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for no obvious reason? Was their support purchased for a mere million dollars?

Does Anyone Know the “One-Best Answer?”

Obviously not. Does the “one-best answer” even exist? The best way to determine a better answer is to examine the effectiveness of already tested strategies. Even then, that answer can only be the best among those already implemented. How can you know all the consequences of an untried policy?

The Founding Fathers specified anything not allocated to the Federal government be “reserved to the several states,” thereby ensuring many different strategies would be tried. Without practical experience of any policy along with its outcomes, how can you determine its effectiveness? It takes time for all unseen consequences to become evident.

This suggests that anyone insisting they already know the one-best answer may be telling the truth – but only to a very different question. One about money and power! So ask yourself how their recommended policy would benefit them? What effect will it have on their finances? Does their answer increase their power?

All this means the freedom to implement different strategies is crucial. When each state adopts its own policies, their different results mean you can later compare effectiveness. They will be able to check how well different policies work and ascertain the best tried so far.

Why do People Deny your Right to Protect Yourself?

There are many reasons why people may not understand the immense benefits of choice, and the desire for individual freedom guaranteed by owning protective firearms. They seem to think that you don’t have a right to protect yourself. But why?

a. They think that responsible people cannot be trusted with guns. Yet they’ve also been taught to think government agents with firearms, such the police, the military are responsible and trust-worthy. There’s a big disconnect here.