Technology has brought along with it some criminals too who have found many crooked ways to use the internet to deceive people. They do this by robbing them of their identity and their life savings too. Most people begin to react to phishing attacks slowly hydra tor as they get completely devastated to find that they have lost everything they have got. This is why even though it may be difficult for most to handle phishing attacks at least we must be aware of how to stop phishing.

To stop phishing it is important that users report these phishing attacks to government agencies, banks and credit card companies. It is only when we report of such phishing emails to the respective banks, credit card companies etc that they will be aware that such fraudulent emails are making the rounds and they will quickly alert all their clients thus saving many innocent people from losing their money.

If you have been a victim of a phishing fraud, make sure that you have all the bank accounts in question closed immediately and inform your banks and credit card companies about your having been deceived into revealing all personal particulars. This is one of the best ways to stop phishing at its source itself.

Another way by which you can stop phishing is by installing anti phishing software in your system so that the software prevents any kind of fraud by scrutinising all the emails coming into your box and alerts you in case there is a suspicious email trying to phish. Once you are alerted, do not on any account open such emails.

Make sure you have an effective anti phishing software installed on your system, which will immediately alert you in case of suspicion. There are spyware programs that effectively detect scam mails and send them to junk.

Most of these phishing emails always play on your sentiments like your having won a lottery ticket etc. You will be naturally thrilled about this and would not think before you unwittingly provide all your personal information and financial information. If you have any suspicion immediately, inform any of the following groups. To stop phishing send the email you have received to the Internet Fraud Complaint centre of the FBI by filing a complaint on their website. You can also report to anti phishing groups. You can find the email addresses of anti phishing groups on the internet.