The more I read about these potential denials by employers regarding health care coverage and their myopic viewpoints toward their hard working employees testo max reviews I cannot help but think that at the back of these mindsets there appears to be a level of such greed and callous ungrateful thinking that it boggles the mind.

Disney has to be one of the richest enterprises in the world. If it were not for employees who perform the major running of these tourist attracting enterprises, where would Disney be?

Time and again greed and ungratefulness appear to show itself when employees need fair salary, coverage and benefits they certainly deserve.

Ask a member of the higher echelon of any large enterprise to cut down on anything they signed up for and it would certainly be a different scenario.

While it is true that higher officials in any company, business or enterprise does serious role playing in the laying out of operational procedures, keeping up with needed changes and on and on and on and on. Without men, women and kids taking the needed steps to bring about daily completion of these needed efforts, in one day, just one day it could all come to a screeching halt.

Imagine, no food preparation, or sanitary/hygiene needs not done. Trash collections. Changing the bedding in a room vacated by a visitor. Getting it ready for the next guest. The list is endless. The costumes one needs to wear in the course of their work day not prepared. Too many times these jobs are considered unimportant by those who might never get their hands dirty in order to achieve what is required in daily job descriptions. But without these operational procedures functioning every single day by their employees, what then???

Yet the powers that be do not appear to want to provide for the employees health insurance. They allege it costs too much.

I have this sense that behind the scene of American employment tactics are those who may be trying to bankrupt the disability programs of this country and bring health and well being coverages to a screeching halt. Much like what is called Third World country indifference to the needs of their working peoples. Expendable human lives. This is the perception by many in our country.

Let the taxpayers carry the burden of responsibility. To hell with the employee.

An employee shows up everyday. Does his/her job and goes home.

It appears to be the Never Ending Story of corporate greed and total disregard for the welfare of their employees. There are more where they came from, people looking for work to support themselves and their families. So the beat goes on.