Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a huge selection of free proxy services we could all use to help protect rotating proxy our privacy? Unfortunately proxies are extremely expensive to run and nobody is going to supply these for free.

What do you mean none – there’s loads of Free Proxies on the Internet to use !

There are indeed lots of free proxies on the internet but most almost none of them are available for free without some catch involved. Most of the legitimate free proxies are financed through putting adverts and pop ups when you browse. These are fine if you can put up with lots of adverts and the very slow speeds.

Most of the other proxies that are free, have either been inadvertently opened up by a careless administrator or more commonly the server is hacked and opened up as a proxy service for a variety of reasons. In all these circumstances somebody is footing the bandwidth bill for all the browsing that gets directed through them. In some countries accessing a server without the permission of the owner is a criminal offense (although it’s highly unlikely anyone would ever be caught!)

For several years now identity thieves and hacking groups have been using these free anonymous proxies to gather account names, passwords, card numbers and any other personal data that they can profit from. It’s quite simple they attack a server and gain administrative rights, install a proxy then a network sniffer to monitor every piece of data that flows through the server. The next move is to wait or announce the existence of this new anonymous proxy service and wait until thousands of misguided surfers set it as their proxy server,

Personal data is really simple to extract in most cases as the browsing session is pretty much unprotected as it uses HTTP which is all in clear text. The proxy can also be used to install whatever malware or viruses on the users computer as well. Using a free anonymous proxy service without knowing who owns, runs the server is an extremely risk thing to do. Remember these things cost money they must be financed somehow!

If you want to read about some of my thoughts on using free anonymous proxies and how you can surf without being spied on, try the link below, from there you can also try out a demo of the most secure, sophisticated web browsing product available anywhere.