Dating for couples is a very important part of keeping a relationship together. Too often once we become naked url parents and have children, date nights become a thing of the past. Too often, the strain of children places so much stress and saps so much time from our days that we forget altogether about the great date nights we once had. It doesn’t have to be.

Even you can survive the growing years of parenting, with your relationship and insanity intact!

One way to get past a lack of finances or the ability to get a sitter is to have an at home date. This means you can still enjoy whatever great time you want, in the comfort of your own home without adding in the cost and stress of a sitter.

And because it is in the comfort of our own homes, we can even step it up a notch so that no longer is date night a once a month or every few months thing, we can even take it to the level that we have a weekly moment together a weekly date. This gives us 52 wonderful memories a year to reflect on and strengthen ourselves and our marriages.

Spending time together on dates and as a couple will strengthen a relationship and help keep us with our spouses. We never seem to have time anymore in our busy schedules to be a “real” couple, you know the ones you see, the young couples in love, those still in the honeymoon stage.

If we could all keep our relationships in such a wonderful state we would see the divorce rates plummet, instead of skyrocketing. We could even see couples, parents, happier with their children, living less stressed lives because they get time to themselves, they get moments to strengthen their relationships, moments to spend together without causing a strain on the budget or the stress of fitting in a night out. We could see the “American Dream” family return, where mom and dad never seem stressed, the kids seem perfect and the world is in rose coloured glasses.