As the costs of construction and manufacturing continue to rise, more and more people are looking for cost effective ways to produce their products so that they don’t alienate their customers. One of the most cost effective materials that can be used in aluminium tube both construction and manufacturing – especially because it can be found in abundance all over the world – is aluminium. Its properties and extreme versatility make it the perfect metal for tubing.

  • Cost Effective: The extrusion process used to create aluminium tubing is extremely cost effective, which is only furthered by the fact that there is very little waste associated with this process. The dies and casts used to create the various tubing’s are also much cheaper than those used for other metals, and they can often be used over and over again. As aluminium is such an abundant material, it is much cheaper to purchase.
  • Shapes: Aluminium tubing can be formed into many shapes and sizes, ensuring that there is a type to suit your needs (whether they be in construction or manufacturing). The shapes it can be formed into range from cylindrical to square. The fact that aluminium is extremely strong also makes it a much better choice than either copper or steel, as the tubing will not buckle under the pressure.
  • Heat Treatment: When working in environments that are subjected to high temperatures, aluminium tubing is a great choice because it can be heat treated to withstand these sorts of temperatures. This treatment will prevent the metal from succumbing to the heat (which could result in cracks and other damage). Without treatment, aluminium is also suited to low temperature environments.
  • Easy Connections: Another reason that aluminium tubing is so versatile is that it can easily be connected to each other and to other metals. Thanks to the malleability of the material, simply using nuts, bolts, rivets and welds, the tubing can be joined together seamlessly. The joins created will also be extremely strong and durable, ensuring that the tubing can hold up to its intended application.

The above points don’t even begin to address the aesthetic qualities of aluminium tubing, which ensure that the metal can be used for both internal and external applications with ease. If you have been looking for a more cost effective solution for your construction and manufacturing needs, you should look no further than the versatility of aluminium – it might just solve all of your problems and meet all of your requirements.