If you’re the owner of a mortgage note, promissory note, trust deed or land contract and have pondered if now is the time to sell the note, then consider the benefits. You may be asking ขายฝาก “what are the the benefits of selling a note now instead of collecting small monthly payments and the interest?”

There are various reasons why a note holder would want to sell a note for all cash, but one thing is for sure, having a lump sum of cash on hand, for whatever need arises, is a great benefit.

About The Buyers

To sell a note, you must first find a reputable note buyer who is willing to pay all cash, pay for closing costs, and make the process as smooth as possible. However, keep in mind that note buyers or note investors are looking for a deal. Meaning, they are almost never willing to buy the note at 100% face value. Therefore, be prepared to be offered less then the balance of the note as you request quotes.

Some Benefits of Selling A Note!

Although there are many reasons why a note owner would sell their note for a lump sum of cash, here you’ll find just a brief list:

  • Pay off high interest credit cards and loans
  • Help your child with college expenses
  • Make other investments
  • Have liquidity instead of money tied up
  • Need cash to start a business
  • Avoiding the legal headaches, fees and risks of foreclosure
  • Going through divorce and need to sell fast
  • Need to pay for sudden medical expenses
  • No more worries if the economy will affect the property value
  • No more concerns about collecting payments

As you can see, a large sum of cash be a tremendous benefit depending on the need. After looking at the list of benefits above, you may consider the option of selling your note to a mortgage buyer. Then again, if you’re prepared to hold on the note, ride out the storms and absorb the risks, you may benefit from the interest earned. Only a small percentage of private note holders ever receive the amount of interest they expected from the note when it matures.

Risk & Value:

It may be worth a few minutes of your time to investigate the possibility of selling your note instead of facing the risks associated with holding on to it for many years. With inflation, cost of living, an unstable economy and potential default by the payer of the note, your collection of all cash now (even if it’s not full value), may be worth more today than in the future.

Consider how far $10,000, $20,000 or even $50,000 cash will go today as opposed to 10, 20 or 30 years from now due to the above mentioned risks and factors. Most of the interest earned on your note may not be compounding and therefore not substantially growing. Your yield on this investment can easily be eaten up by inflation alone. Many notes are created with simple interest only, with no balloon payment and no compounding of interest. If you have to foreclose on the payer of the note, this alone will consume a chunk of your profit due to legal fees.


Not everyone is ready to be a private bank. It may benefit you to avoid risks and sell the note now. But then again, only you know what you can handle, what the terms are on the note and how long you can hold on to it. Benefits of selling may out weigh the benefits of holding on.