The city of Basel is a pretty medieval schlüsseldienst münster town that boasts of many a tourist attractions and places of interest. Internationally acclaimed art museums built by the likes of Mario Botta, Herzog & De Meuron and Renzo Piano and architectural splendors like Renaissance Rathaus (town hall), Romanesque Münster (cathedral), Spalentor (Spalen Gate), Kunstmuseum Basel and Mittlere Brücke / Schifflände among others make Basel quite a holiday spot. As attractive as the city is, Hotels in Basel are equally inviting and pleasing. Well equipped with all the necessary facilities Basel Hotels make trips to the city absolutely memorable. Culturally and artistically rich the can be called the Culture Capital of Switzerland. Just a walk down any lane or street and you would come across at least one art gallery or museum.

Although the city is full of exciting attractions and lures to make things easier for you we have listed down few of the places of interest for your convenience.

Fondation Beyeler

Among the finest art galleries of Basel, Fondation Beyeler exhibits the art collections of many eminent artistes. In this gallery you would find the works of Van Gogh, Rothko, Cézanne and Warhol among others. From most modern art works to the ones belonging to the classical period.


Built during 1019 and 1500, the MünsterPfalz or Cathedral Square is an awe inspiring structure that is among the finest example of Romanesque and Gothic architectural style. Beautifully embellished from inside the cathedral attracts millions of tourists every year. One of the finest and main attraction of the cathedral being the Gallus portal or Galluspforte that is deemed to be a very significant Romanesque sculptural art work in Switzerland.

Rhine River

The environs of Rhine River is very peaceful and ideal to relax. If the weather is good enough do spend some of your time here. Enjoy a quiet stroll, watch the sun by the River Rhine or if it pleases you take a plunge in the river. Besides there are a lot many attractions and surprises to try out that you would really fall in love with the place.


Also known as the Town hall, Basel Rathaus is an exquisite palace belonging to the era of Renaissance. Although the building is used for administrative purpose it is also open for public viewing. Guided tours are organized for the visitors and tourists by Basel Tourism that would make your trip around the palace more pleasant

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