I knew that it was time to let him go August 8, 1998. Just before giving him the shot, Dr. Pat told him: “I know you don’t want to go, but you can come right back. This body just won’t work anymore. You can come right back. You didn’t do anything wrong, it’s just time to go.” I asked her what she meant, and she said her intuition arizona dog breeders told her that Erik was so special to me and loved me so much, that he was still not ready to leave.

I believe that animal and human spirits live on after death, and that they possibly reincarnate. So I expected to grieve for his physical presence but somehow I thought I would still be able to sense the love. Well I never felt emptier than I did that Saturday. I was wild with grief and for the first time ever doubted my belief in God and the fact that spirit survives physical death. In my search for some comfort, I met Erin Finn, a psychic channel. He said that Erik was coming back to me as a Siberian Husky puppy through a breeder in Mississippi. He would be born in October and home in late November or for sure by Christmas. Erin told me: “Do not┬ábegin looking for him until October- just grieve.”

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Erin’s advice was good – I did grieve, and for everyone and everything I had ever lost. I have since learned that that is one of the animals’ special gifts to us. But how was I to find Erik without looking for him? So I immediately began looking for Siberian breeders in Mississippi. I searched the Internet in every possible fashion, and it appeared that every state but Mississippi had Siberian Breeders-lots of them. Well, in early October, during a by-now routine Internet search for “Siberian Husky – Mississippi,” I located Susan Field-Boyd and Florence Morningstar Kennel.

For confirmation, we visited Laura Fransden, who connects with animal spirits. She confirmed what Erin had said, and emphasized that Erik was a special soul mate of mine and that there would be no mistaking him. She said we would just know, and that it would be very soon. My husband Arthur was more skeptical than me and kept asking: “How will we know?”

The confirmations came in abundance. The description of Susan’s kennel made me believe that it was where Erik, a last minute rescue from an Arizona pound, would choose to be born.

I did not tell Susan about my belief that Erik was coming back. I just told her that I had to “connect” with this dog, and if I did not I would wait until the next litter came. She understood. After she had received my deposit, she sent me an odd message. It seems she had a male born on October 7 that made her think of me all the time. (Later, I would learn she had been actually calling him Erik!) She thought I should see this one. The timing matched what Erin had said, and as it turns out, the gestation period. Erik would have been conceived within days of passing. So we made a trip to Mississippi to see the four-week-old puppy

The day we visited was confirmation more for Arthur than for me, as I already knew. When Susan placed the puppies on the kitchen floor, one puppy, the puppy, ran right to Arthur and got on his lap. The others hovered near Susan. He then came to me, but first had to tell his Daddy he was back! But the real confirmation for Arthur was the way the sun came out for just a brief time on that nasty day. The weather had been foggy, rainy, and thick with cloud cover. Just as we met the puppy, the clouds parted and the sun and blue sky appeared. This was God speaking to Arthur.

I named my puppy Amigo and we returned to bring him home on December 5. Still I had not told Susan, the breeder, about my belief that this was Erik. On December 6, I received this message from her: “You said that you feel that Amigo is more than a cute puppy to you. Something hit me just a few moments ago. I could never remember when you said that Erik passed. I just spotted your note that he passed in August. Do you realize that Mercedes got pregnant with Amigo somewhere between Aug 5th and the 10th? It makes you wonder if animals reincarnate. If souls can hang around on earth in the form of spirits, why not dogs reincarnating?”

So Erik found the right breeder, no ordinary one to be sure. I relayed the whole story to Susan and she replied: “I never would have told you this before because I wouldn’t have wanted to upset you and I didn’t do it on purpose. I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you to think I was pushing this pup on you. But, a short while before I told you about him I started calling him Erik. I am sure you get strong feelings and urges too. It was just so strong to me that he was your Erik.”

Every day the confirmations continue. This new dog, now two years old, is the spirit I called Erik. We have a purpose together on this earth and it was not complete, so he came back. This experience has taught me to trust my instincts and God. I hope that my miracle can help other pet lovers understand that their animal’s spirit is never-ending and the love truly unconditional.