As a part of clean up efforts, there were many casinos, hotels, condominiums Roofing Contractors in Biloxi, MS residences and retail facilities have been opened once again and put into operation. There were many good plans being implemented by the city of Biloxi for the purpose of development of many commercial properties on the area of south of U.S highway 90 once again after it is badly hit by the hurricane. This is nothing but the effort for the reestablishment of this south staple.


Most of this city Biloxi’s revenue and employment opportunities are underpinned by nothing but the gaming industry. There were some setbacks in the gaming industry recently but before these circumstances the gaming industry in Biloxi is setting many new records. In September 2008, the gross gaming revenue earned just by the taxes is $83 million which is almost $6 million more than what is earned in the previous year. This pronounces a whopping increase of about 7%. The interesting part is, this increase was successfully managed by Biloxi in the time where the places such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City are suffering from gaming revenue drops.

It is to be noted that the total gaming revenue by taxes has fell down from $1 billion in the fiscal year of 2007 to $981 million in the fiscal year of 2008. As a result of slowdown of economy there was a significant decrease of gaming revenue in the months of October and November. Hurricanes like Gustava and Ike also added to the misery of Biloxi by tremendously slowing down the visitation of people to the place.

The laws that were passed after Hurricane Katrina permits the concept of land based casinos. This came as a much needed step to be taken for the off shore casinos which operated in the city of Biloxi before the fiery hurricane hit the place. The casinos which are land based does not usually face the danger of risks when compared to their counter parts. This law which is passed after the hurricane opened new gates for several new casinos and also resulted in expansion and improvement of existing casinos and Biloxi hotels [].


As per the records in the month of November in the year 2008, the city Biloxi issued about $200 million only for the construction permits exclusively for the developments in the city. Although some of the plans of development were shunned due to the slow down of economy there were some other constructions and developments in the city of Biloxi that continued. There were also some major casino projects whose developments were not stalled.

The city was successful in reinstalling the pillars of economy which was brutally bashed by hurricane Katrina. The city is putting its best efforts to keep the paths for gaming, tourism and business open. Steps were being taken to make the lodging market in Biloxi stronger.