In the recent years with the increase in the use of the internet in almost all spheres of life, the world has darknet links seen the emergence of a number of new professions. One such profession of the recent times is the writing of articles for the web.

Effective article writing for the web: With the emergence of article writing as one of the most lucrative professions of recent times, there has been a rise in the demand of effective article writing. The use of the internet in almost all the domains of life has facilitated the online article readership to a maximum increase in the recent years. How ever article writing does not simply mean writing articles on irrelevant topics. The articles call for several techniques n procedures that need to be followed to ensure its effective writing. It is in fact seen that out of the many thousands of articles available on the web, it is only the effective articles that attract a huge readership.

The secrets to effective article writing for the web: Writing for online readership is quite different from writing for a traditional print house. Since the online articles are read on the screen, it calls for a lot of scanning of the articles by the readers quite in contrast to the ordinary readers. There fore article writing for the web calls for certain secret steps to be followed that would ensure their effective writing. The secret steps are nothing but the guidelines that an author needs to follow while writing articles for the web. Among the different steps involved only seven important steps are discussed below.

Use of summary and headings: The first secret step involved in writing articles for the web is to provide the articles with a summary as well as with the requite headings at the beginning of the paragraph. This facilitates in enabling the readers to locate the parts of the article that they are most interested in, there by helping in a faster and quite usable reading often article. Headings in fact facilitate a better quality of the writing as well as to void any unnecessary content in the writing.

Use of lists, both the bulleted as well as the numerical ones: The lists help in the readability of the article, there by making it easier to scan as well as keeping its content matter more organized.

Writing short paragraphs: Since reading on screen is a difficult process, longer paragraphs would make the situation worse. There fore it is necessary to keep the paragraphs short and concise, making them more likable to be read.

Use of bold texts for emphasis: Irrespective of what the article is all about, it is imperative to high light some parts of the article such as the headings, the sub headings as well some of the important key words. This helps in emphasizing the important points of the article, there by facilitating in its better and effective reading.

To include links and use of blogs: Here ever applicable an article should be provided with all the necessary links so as to help the readers to find all the necessary content on a relevant topic. In fact the online articles are a great place to use links to a particular page as ell as to some other web sites as well. The blogs enable in getting the necessary feed back for the article as ell as to allow the readers to ask questions and to comment on the article postings.

To know the audience for whom the articles are written: For effective article writing in India, the content writer should always know and understand the kind of audience for whom the articles are written. This done assures half the completion of the entire task of article writing. Readers who look for educative or technical article articles would require longer web content than those who want to check out for news or contents on entertainment.

Text and background color should be attended: Websites always allow the writers to use any color they want. How ever drastic colors or color combinations should always be avoided. Also the back ground color need to be a light one with a dark colored text.